Sunday, November 02, 2014


Wow - I can't believe it's November already! All of a sudden I've been off work for 10 months, and my tiny girl is scooting around the house and trying to stand up! And spring is well and truly here - we are having loads of gorgeous sunny Canberra springtime days, and some warmer ones too! It's the kind of weather that really makes you want to be outside - not just because we spent winter bundled up in the house, but also because those warm days remind us that summer is just around the corner and soon we'll be spending days inside hiding in the aircon!

The change of season also means it's time for the warm weather clothes to come out, and I'm finding my wardrobe is coming up a bit short this year (even more than usual!) - last year I was in my third trimester, so depended on the couple of maternity skirts and tops I had, and the year before I spent half of our summer in the northern hemisphere winter. Plus, this year I'm home rather than at work, and of course my body is different than it has been before. I haven't found much that I fancy in the shops, so this month I'm hoping to sew up some washi dresses - I've seen so many I love and I really hope it suits me and I can whip up a couple to get me through the summer.
I'm also planning to make a few things for Amelia's wardrobe - now that she's not growing out of things so quickly (and I have a new niece we can hand things down to when they are too small). We are spending so much time outside, and even though she's covered in sunscreen, a hat and we stick to the shade I still worry about her delicate baby skin. So i have a few patterns for long sleeved tunics that I'd like to make in some light fabrics for those times that I know we'll be outside for extended periods.
The other reason I'm excited about sewing at the moment is, of course, the Bimble and Pimble Sewvember photo a day challenge! I had a lot of fun playing along with the Makers' Collective daily photo challenge, so I'm really looking forward to this one! Today's prompt was sewing space, and it was very inspiring to see everyone's set-ups! Pop over to Amanda's blog if you'd like to find out more.


  1. I love your plans for sewing up summer wardrobes for both you and A! It fits in so nicely with the blog post I just wrote too! And isn't the stuff in the shops horrible? Where are the natural fibres, I ask you!!

    Have you checked out the Curvy Sewing Collective? There are so great examples of beautiful summer staples there.

    Good luck with your sewing!! Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Oh! You should also check out The Monthly Stitch! Lots of great dresses there as they just had their version of Frocktober!

  3. I can't believe your wee tot is 10 months! Dera lord- where has the time gone?! Can't wait to see your summer makes- they are going to be fierce!


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