Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Felt christmas tree

Ok, so since our kitties arrived I've been trying alternative christmas tree set-ups - wall stickers, mini tree on the table, anything they couldn't climb/destroy (except last year when I was very pregnant and those nesting hormones said I just had to have a tree) but somehow I had never come across this GENIUS idea - felt tree!

The tree part is just a tall triangle of dark green felt - the kind that is sold on a roll. Mine is 90cm tall (just because that was the width of the felt) and 80cm almond the bottom. Then I just cut out some simple decorations from coloured felt - I traced around a glass for the circle baubles, and around cookie cutters for the other shapes. I'll stick this up on the wall, but you can see A was quite interested in it on the floor (I laid it out on the floor to take a photo and she came scooting over as quickly as her little hands and knees could move her).

It is just so clever - since felt sticks to felt kids could decorate and redecorate as many times as they like, and you could make the decorations as simple or fancy as you liked - and they would be fun for kids to decorate. Next I think I'll cut out some christmas light shapes and sew them to ribbon to make a mini string of lights. It's the kind of thing my sisters and I would have loved faffing around with year after year (after year), and I hope A gets lots of fun out of it too =)



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  1. It's such a great idea! Love the idea of shifting the baubles around as the mood strikes you.


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