Christmas (in January)

Hello there! Is the middle of January too late to talk about Christmassy stuff? I hope not - I just have a couple of things I want to share!

This time last year we were waiting for Amelia to arrive and I just remember being so impatient, and wanting it to be this year so she would be here with us for Christmas. Then I had to keep reminding myself to not let my expectations get out of control, because she would only be almost one, and probably not really old enough for us to do the fun things I was imagining. Well, I'm happy to say it was even better than I had imagined! We had a baking day (A mostly played on the floor with a mixing bowl, some cookie cutters and a wooden spoon), she loved going out to see Christmas lights, and Christmas carols were a big hit (especially Michael Bublé's tv specials and the Wiggle on Carols in the Domain).

Another thing we did that I thought she might be too little for was making our own Christmas cards. A and I painted them together - we used her little fingerprints to make a string of lights on each card, and then I finished them off with a family photo 'bauble' once the paint dry. We had so much fun, and it felt so special to do it also reminded my how much I love playing with paper stuff - stamps, punches & glue are so much fun!

We had a fantastic Christmas Day - made extra special because we were celebrating not only A's but my niece E's first christmas too! The girls really seemed to enjoy each other's company, and it can't wait to see what they get up to together as they grow up!

A was lucky enough to get two special Christmas quilts - one I made and one her Nana (my mum) made. They are both probably cot quilt size (ish) - which is just perfect for carrying around the house, tea parties, snuggling while watching a movie or in the car. I made the scrap one last year - I have a lap sized top ready for quilting from the same blocks.

I do have one or two more crafty things to share, including a few other quilts that we gave as gifts. 2014 was quite a quilty year, so I think it deserve a quilt wrap up post too =)







  1. BEST christmas card ever! Amelia is so artistic!

    Also love that she got all the quilts. That girl will never be cold!


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