The bear dress

I've taken advantage of some nice lazy stay home days this week to sew up my first finished project - this cute little pinafore/dress from McCall's M6824.

Maybe it's a bit on the naff side of cute, but I just love it. It has come out a bit too big for her just now - the size info on the big 4 infant patterns is pretty sparse (I could only find weight and height, not chest) so I just went with the biggest size so that she could grow into it. The pattern says easy, but it was actually pretty fiddly - with the embroidered face, and tiny extra bits.

I'll definitely be making another one of these - I'm thinking pointy ears and kitty whiskers - as soon as I can get miss A to stand still so I can see how far out the size is =)



  1. Oh oh oh, that is just the cutest thing ever!!! Worth every pricked finger and fiddly bit!!

  2. Totes kawaii. Can see Miss Amelia toddling down a Harajuka street with the cool Japanese kids!


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