Farvel februar!








Gosh wasn't February in a hurry?! Sorry for the picture heavy post, but I just wanted to capture this last month of summer here before it's suddenly April! We had such a lovely month! We were outside so much - I'm so grateful for a milder summer this year after all the crazy heat last year! We walked and ate outside nearly every night, and now that Amelia is nearly walking we pottered in the garden together a bit - I'm looking forward to more of that! We met a llampaca! We sat on the floor and knitted and played and watched the wiggles. I sewed A LOT. We ate lots of pancakes - Amelia is eating pretty much just what we do now and loves veggies and anything with minced meat (especially frikadeller and taco meat with kidney beans). We went to the Canberra Show. And we talked all day, every day. I can't believe how many words Amelia can say all of a sudden, and she shows us where her hat goes, and where her nose is, and her ears, and her chubby cheeks =)

These really are the days of miracle and wonder.