Kids Clothes Week

At the start of February I posted about participating in the Kids Clothes Week challenge. I hadn't had a chance to share the results yet, so here's a quick update. Of course I'd love to have modelled pics of them all, but I think it's better just to share them like this otherwise It might never happen!
Up top is my second Made beach robe - I love this pattern so much, and this one is for Amelia to keep. I managed to get almost a whole robe from one $8 target bath sheet - only the hood needed to be cut from a second towel. I'm looking forward to trying this pattern again now that I'm becoming acquainted with my overlocker - I think it will come together so quickly!

Also up top is the 'Little Sister's Dress I made for Amelia. I had been working on this for ages (and ages) but finally finished during KCW. Now, to be honest, I do like this but I'm not in love with it. I think it's the pooling that puts me off. But I'm sure it will look cute with some little jeans or tights. It's also big enough for long sleeves to go underneath.

The shorts on the bottom are both made from the the free Sunny Day Shorts pattern by Oliver & S. I love these! Super super quick, and it's so nice to be able to make shorts so easily when the ones in the shops are mostly pretty awful. The pink ones were the first garment I made with my overlocker! The denim ones are made from an old skirt of mine - they are lovely and soft (the skirt was worn so much it was coming apart at the seams) and long enough to give her knees a bit of protection when she's crawling around. She wore them to playgroup last week and got some compliments which was very encouraging!

I think we did pretty well getting these done, plus the dress and blanket I made for my niece, all in a week! I'm really looking forward to sewing more things for Amelia's wardrobe - kids things are so cute and quick to sew!