Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bean bag

So nice to start a new month with a new project - especially one that can be finished the same day AND can be make from just fabrics in my stash (I only had to buy the zip and the beanbag filling!)

I used a free tutorial from Project Nursery blog called Sew a Kid's Bean Bag Chair in 30 Minutes - and it really didn't take much more time than that.

I sewed it pretty much exactly as per the tutorial, except I added a lining bag too - to make it easier when the vegemite handprints get too much and it needs a wash. I used an old fitted sheet which I cut and sewed exactly the same way as the cover, except that instead of a zip I sewed it shut once I'd put the filling in. And, seriously, getting all of those little styrofoam beads in there was the most difficult part of the whole project!!





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