Kids Clothes Week :: April 2015

Since the next round of Kids Clothes Week is almost upon us (June 22-28) now seems like a good time to catch up on how the April round went =) The theme for April was Wild Things, which is so up our alley - A probably wears at least one animal-y garment each day. I had all kinds of plans, but in the end (April being April, I guess) I reall didn't get a whole lot done sewing-wise (but there was knitting, which I'm totally counting!). I'm ok with that - for me half the fun is checking out, and being inspired by, what everyone else is making!

One thing I did make that has been a big hit was a fleece kitten beanie. I used a fantastic pattern by Tie Dye Diva (I love this pattern so much that I have made another 6 or so since!) and it gets worn pretty much every single day. The pattern comes with a range of different ears, and I think would be great for dress ups.

One thing I was really hoping to get done, but didn't, was this little pinafore from Ottobre magazine. I have the pattern traced but other things keep popping up and getting my attention instead. Maybe this time around! =)




  1. So cute! I'm envious of your clothes making skills. She looks so grown up and so cute in that hat. Perfect combination!

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  3. Great post, what a lovely photo! :)


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