Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Books :: The Intern

My next gold Inky Award nominee review book is The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer. The book introduces us to Josie, a student who dreams of a career in journalism and lands an internship at a flash fashion magazine in the city.


This book was cute, fun and pretty fast paced. I could totally relate to Josie's experience of moving away from home - the mixed feelings of being excited about moving on to something new but also worried about the changes this will bring to your relationships with friends and family. It was a quick read, and I downloaded the sequel as soon as I finished - which is always a good sign.

I did find it read a bit younger than than the YA I'm used to reading - it's definitely more Dolly than Cosmo, I think. That said, the writing was still sophisticated - there were several of parts of the story where I could have been cringing, but instead I found myself feeling embarrassed (and sometimes horrified) with Josie rather than rolling my eyes at her.

I would recommend this for readers with an interest in writing. It had a similar feel to the Carrie Diaries tv series (I have to confess to not having read those books), or even The Hills (where Lauren has the internship) so I think fans of those series would probably enjoy this too.

I gave this 3 stars out of 5 (but would rate it at 4 stars if I was making a recommendation for a younger reader.)

Xo Bron


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