Monday, September 14, 2015

Garden makeover

I can hardly believe it has been over 7 years since we moved into our lovely little home. When we moved in, the garden was nice but it just wasn't us. It took us a few years to figure out what wasn't going to work for us, a few more to not feel guilty about it, then some to decide what we wanted (a kitchen garden!) and of course a bit more to actually do anything about it. Now, finally, we've had some work done in our backyard and I'm super excited about it!

It was pretty much a disaster out there - the garden bed was overgrown with half-dead shrubs and goodness knows what else, and the fence was falling down. It wasn't just gross, I felt like it wasn't safe for A - every time we were out there I was freaking out about what she was touching/where she was going. So when the fence repairs were inevitable we decided to get some landscaping done at the same time.

Check out those before/during/afters - such a difference (and quickly too! The work took about 3 days). And we love it. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that we are using the heck out of the space already. A loves pottering around and digging and moving dirt around.
So now I'm ready for veggie growing season! And because I'm so excited about it I've treated myself to something to kickstart things: a kitchen garden box from Kyrstie at A Fresh Legacy. It has seeds, growing instructions and recipes for 24 different veggies and comes in a gorgeous wooden seed storage box. Now we just need to wait for it to be warm enough to plant some more things =)

Xo Bron


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