In September I am reading...

I started back at work on 1 July, and July and August went by in such a blur - it has been weird and a bit hard getting used to being back after 18 months at home! There has been lots of energy spent on meal planning, outfit planning (and sewing), figuring out the best buses to catch, lunches out with colleagues and being out of bed earlier than I would like.

One of the benefits of work (apart from the pay! And getting to eat out for lunch!) has been all of the extra reading time I get - it's about an hour each way on the bus, and you better believe I've been giving my beloved kindle a work out! Add to this the fact that I've discovered a bunch of bookish podcast that I am loving (check out the Book Riot website - they have four or five podcasts on different aspects of the bookish world that are equally fantastic) and my enthusiasm is sky-high. I have been reading two or three books a week, and have enough more in my 'to be read' list to last me for at least three years. I have been writing super brief reviews of all the books I'm reading over on Goodreads, but might do some mini reviews here too, and definitely plan to get back in the habit of giving updates here on what I'm reading/planning to read over the next month =)

So, September reading =) I have two main goals for the next month's reading: the Gold Inky Award shortlist (yay for Australian young adult literature! Check out the Inside a Dog website - also the source for the image above - for more info) and a re-read of the Throne of Glass series (finishing with the newest book in he series, which I am soooo excited to get to!)

As always, I'd love to hear about what you're reading this month!

Xo Bron