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Here's another project from around Easter time - a little yellow cardigan for Amelia. The pattern is Granny's favourite, by Tikki Knits (one of my very favourite designers - I pretty much want to knit up all of her designs!), and I used Patons totem merino 8 ply (find it on ravelry here).

I went with the mid-length sleeves - partly because I didn't have quite enough yarn, and also just because I like the shorter length on littlies - it helps keep the sleeves out of their way without having to roll them up. They weren't quite so short on her when she was first wearing this - so much growing! She has had so so much wear out of this already, and I think it will probably take her through spring too.

I had did have one little problem to overcome on this one - the garter stitch band kept folding up, like you can see in the picture there. I took it to instagram and in the end undid the bind off and re-did it on the opposite side (I think I had bound off from the right side and it should have been wrong side? Or vice versa?). I didn't think of it at the time, but another think I think might have helped might have been to use a smaller needle for the garter stitch. In any case, between the re-binding off, blocking and wearing it hasn't been a problem.

Basically, I would love to make one of these for myself (and totally could - there's a grown-up sized pattern! I just don't know if I could deal with all that plain knitting =\ haha). I just adore it, and definitely have plans for more - in fact there's a pink one on my needles right now =)

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