Sewing :: tamariki track pants

The yellow cardi in my last post wasn't the only mum-made in that outfit - I also sewed those purple spotty pants =)

The pattern is Tamariki Trackpant by Little Kiwis Closet. I was super excited when this pattern was released - for one thing I love LKC patterns, and for another I had been trying to figure out how to do lined pants (winter is pretty chilly in Canberra's playgrounds!), which is one of the options given in this pattern.
These guys are super warm - corduroy wIth polar fleece lining - so we're getting as much wear out of them as we can before the weather is too warm. Also, the growing! It's outrageous! She had been wearing them with contrast cuff folded up, like in the two pictures above, but this week she wore them unfolded (that daffodil photo is from just weeks ago! And the second pic from the start of June.)

I've also used the same pattern to make some flannel pj pants - these Star Wars ones are about done, and I've cut out some Spider-Man ones to match the pair I made for her dad.

The other option I really like in this pattern, but haven't tried yet, is the elastic in the ankle - I love this for littlies who might still be a bit clumsy and trip on their hems. The patterns goes all the way from newborn up to 12 yrs, so I have no doubt we'll get a lot more use out of this one!

Bron xo