Friday, October 09, 2015

Garden update

The last two or three weekends I've gone around the garden taking pictures with the intention of posting an update here, and then by the time I get around to thinking about posting I feel like the pictures are so out of date I might as well wait and take new ones and then it starts again. So, these photos are from last weekend, and, spring being spring, everything has changed again already, but I'm sharing nonetheless.

Purple. So much purple in the garden this week! Dutch irises are opening and looking magnificent, bluebells are just about finished (no pink ones this year - just purple and blue), wisteria has gone bonkers and the bees are in heaven, and some pansies I planted around the strawberries are looking good too.

The seeds are happy. The tomatoes that i germinated on the heat pad on the kitchen bench are spending most of their time outside - they are growing their real leaves and are about ready for repotting. The Lebanese zucchini seedlings have shot right up, and this week I planted out some of the borage and nasturtium seedlings.

The favourites at the moment are the sugar snap peas. They are growing like crazy and Amelia is loving eating them freshly picked in the garden.

And last weekend's exciting development was this archway which I've popped over our garden seat. I'm planing to grow climbing beans, apple cucumbers and maybe some kind of squash over it.

The forecast for the next week at least is warm sunny weather, so I have my fingers crossed for lots of good growing (and maybe just a little rain)

Xo Bron


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