Saturday, October 17, 2015

KCW warm up =)

The next round of kids clothes week starts on Monday! This theme for this round is disguise, which should work out pretty well here since A is currently fairly obsessed with Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and a whole load of other DC and Marvel characters (as well as Star Wars!). I have a couple of dresses cut out already, and a few new things planned, but mostly this time I'm just focussing on the actual goal of KCW - to sew for an hour each day.

It has been warmish here the past week or so, and the summer clothes have been pulled out. I've been super pleased to see that A still fits into some of the things I made last summer, so I made sure to take pics when she has been wearing them and thought it might be a good warm up for KCW to share them today.

First is this little Lulu dress (the pattern is by Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional). This one got hardly any wear last summer because the fit was a bit weird - I was so happy to see the fit is so much better now than A is less tiny round baby and more toddler with actual limbs. I think it is probably just a better shape on an older kid, and having seen it on her yesterday I'm pretty sure I'll make more of these (the pattern goes up to 8 yrs - yay!). I do love the combination of knit top and woven skirt!

And today's outfit - a geranium dress in tunic length. I think I made this before Christmas (I think I might have even blogged it). I found the length was perfect for her when she was crawling and she did wear it quite a bit. I will for sure make more geranium dresses - it is my favourite kids' dress pattern so far, and I love that she'll get more than one summer's wear out of it.

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