More gardeny goodness

Sorry for two gardeny posts in a row, but there is so much happening out there at the moment and I am pretty much obsessing over it haha.

I have been raising a mega batch of tomatoes from seed to sell as a fundraiser for our playgroup - this weekend they finally looked ready to pot out from the seed tray to something a bit bigger. Fingers crossed they survive the move (and the help from A!)

And here's the current greenhouse spread. I also moved the Lebanese zukes into bigger pots - I have about a dozen seedlings that are all looking really good, some of which I'll take along for our fundraiser too. New seedlings up this week are the mixed squash, and I've planted pumpkins, patio zucchini, corn, dwarf beans and more nasturtiums.

This week I'm planning to put in climbing beans and more sugar snap peas - we have been picking them and eating fresh in the garden.

Xo Bron