Friday, October 27, 2006

mental health day

Today I'm taking a mental health day.
You know, where take a day off from work just to be.
You enjoy being home without having to do anything (hey, you should really be at work, and if you were that washing wouldn't get done anyway), make something fabulous for breakfast (the boy made mine - mmmm look at it!!) and have lunch and coffee with friends.

So here I am, having coffee with Dr Phil (and some nasty mothers-in-law), surfing, posting and staring out the window.

My skirt fabric is washed and drying on the line, maybe I'll cut it out while I lunch with Oprah (oooh I miss my daytime TV friends!)

During the week I've done a lot of 'blog-bouncing' and discovered some some amazingingly creative bloggers, with inspiring blogs full of beautiful crafts and great tutorials , let me tell you about a few of them =)

Heather, from HELLO my name is Heather, and Anna Maria are amazing designers - I don't know how these guys do it!! You have to check their stuff out, I especially love the bag from her Out of the bag post - awesome!

While I'm on 'the bag thing', Randi at I have to say... made this beautiful library bag from this tutorial at tiny happy who is also amazing! I need one of those bags!! hehe

I also need a chibi kitty, which I found at My little mochi" - Too cute!!!! =)

And just one more, Fondle My Sweaters is one cool girl =)

That's just a few, but I've added some others to the list on my sidebar (please let me know if you'd rather not be there) and thanks to everyone who made me smile or laugh or think ooooh I want one of those!!! And everyone who has provided me encouragement to help me on my way through my garment-sewing phobia!

And here are some other things that made me smile:

-starting moving in with the boy (look, that's my stuff on the shelf at his place =)) - hopefully we'll finish this up this weekend

-the Princess Mary news!!!

-finding out that I'm going to Brisbane for work for a few days the week after next =)

-getting the new robbie williams cd

-finally getting pattern and fabric for skirt

-finding great those new blogs mentioned above, and more!

-french toast for breakfast (have another look at it - need I say more??!)

-this week I managed to finish the 'monster sudoko' from Saturday's paper (its evil - instead of 9x9, with digits 1-9, this baby has 16x16 with digits 0 - 9 and letters A-F oooooooooooh)

-taking a day off - it felt so good to take off my work pass on thursday, knowing I don't have to put it back until next week =)

-and, the boy's nan stayed with us this week - she always makes me laugh

I hope everyone had a great week, and wishing you a fab weekend too!!!!

besos =)


  1. Thank goodness for alphabetic order, although I'm considering changing my blog to "Aardvarks and how they love Bertie" to get back to the top of your list ;)

    I hope your health day made you suitably mental.

  2. I sure could use a mental health day, but likely won't be getting one anytime soon. However, I hope you enjoy your day. I just wanted you to know, that since I've been visiting you this past week, my blogline subscriptions have grown with leaps and bounds. I'm not sure if I want to thank you. Now I can spend even more time on this puter, instead of sewing, knitting or spinning, ha!

    Have A Great Day


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