Thursday, January 04, 2007

ever so coomfy...

Here's a Christmas picture that isn't actually from my place - its where they have all the little winter Christmas village ornaments set up at Myer in Melbourne.
I went with Mum the day after the Robbie concert.

She gets a new one each year, and this year I started my own collection with the Mrs Claus and boot-polishing elf from yesterday.

Mum got the firefighters (we thought they were appropriate this year, with the fires being so close by.)

The really big news today is that the new sofa arrived!!!
It came in a super big box (big enough to hide the tree in to dump in the rubbish skip...hmmm) and it even came within the time they had told us it would (instead of the usual case where they tell you 11am and you haven't heard anything by 7pm!!!)

There's me testing for coomfiness =)
It folds down into a bed (a little smaller than double) and there is storage underneath for bedding (or yarn maybe....) and you can take the arms off and store them under there when its being a bed (assuming it isn't filled with yarn hehe)
We had the choice of licorice or latte, and went with the latte which, as you can see, goes quite well with both the purple and yellow walls of the living room!

Oh, there was other blog-worthy news, in the form of a Christmas present from beauzo and Kit, but it deserves a place on Friday's blog with a few other Christmassy goodies, so you'll have to wait (oooh, I can feel the baited breath hehe) =)


btw ok, now it was yesterday that the sofa arrived, blogger had the dates mixed up =S

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