Sunday, February 11, 2007

Project Spectrum Mach II

Wow, February seems to be getting away from me - here it's the 11th already and I haven't posted about

Feb probably has my favourite colour combination of all the months - blue silver and white - just about all of my projects have blue in them any way!

This month I am working on two projects in particular:

  • rbpm

  • granny squares

and so since these both are blue already, which makes me feel a bit like I'm cheating, I decided to get into the spectrum spirit today with some baking - cupcakes of course!!!

These guys are from the Australian Women's Weekly Cupcakes book - coconut white chocolate mud cupcake (I think they're called Coconut Kisses in the book), which I have iced with a kind of coconutty butter icing in project spectrum blue with silver.

I have to say the recipe wasn't as good as the ones I have been using in that other fab book - the mix seemed pretty sloppy and I'm not sure if you can see in the picture but their middles sunk =(

Despite this small detail they tasted pretty fab (and after all, we're probably all a little sunk in the middle, if we're going to be completely honest! =))

Now I have to run off and find some tissues before I sit down to watch the final episode of season 2 Grey's Anatomy - seven are showing it tonight and I still tear up thinking about it!!!
(If you thought my 'friendship' with Veronica was weird, wait til I tell you about Izzie and I. Not that kind of weird, if that's what you were thinking. Not that there's anything wrong with that though....)

Besos =)

btw. has anyone else downloaded the Internet Explorer update and found it has stuffed things up? (ok, as I type this I realise I may be the only person in the blogging world using explorer, please don't throw rotten fruit)
Mine has been loading really slowly, and I'm getting a 'cannot display that page' type error way more than I would like.
Seriously software guys - if its not broke....

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