Sunday, February 25, 2007

Suddenly Sunday

Woah, what happened to this week????

All I know is that, though it was a fast one, it was also a pretty good one! =)

Wednesday at work I was booked for orientation training.

This is great in theory - if I hadn't already been in the job for 10 months, anyway =S
(they do have free biscuits at the training rooms, though hehe)

Luckily I also had something exciting planned for Wednesday - dinner with Bertie and Liv at one of my new fave places - Wagamama.

This was an especially exciting evening on account of Liv and I have never actually met, despite each having heard Bertie talk about the other the past 7 years! (in fact, one day, not that long ago, Liv spotted me on the bus on account of her recognising my bag -how cool is that =))

We got caught in one of these crazy hail storms Canberra has been 'hosting' regularly for the past few weeks - I actually thought I would have bruises on my legs from the hail stones!

I'm very much looking forward to catching up with Liv again - she's even convinced me to come to stitch'n'bitch with her next time.

She's much braver than me - I was going to suggest we go and spy on the group a couple of times first (hey, I'm just not really much of a joiner, ok! =))
I'm sure it will be great fun =)

Speaking of stitching (and the other bit!) I'm thinking I need to start a new project - something exciting and quick that I can post photos of.
I'm still loving the rbpm and all, it's just that it's progressing really slowly, so even if I could post more ics then they would just look the same.
And the granny-squares, well you know, squares are squares, hey.
That said, what I have in mind is a little bit granny-ish too...
Hope to have a plan tomorrow. =)

BTW. I don't actually work in a casino or anthing - the pic up the top is the cupcake of the week - the texas hold'em cupcake - red velvet with cream cheese icing.
I made these to take to J-Mo's for a spot of poker on Saturday night (where for the second time in a row I was out after going all in on a full house only for someone else to have a better full house!!).

These came out of the oven as just the most perfect little cuppycakes I've ever seen, and they were lots of fun to make too!

Actually, the red batter probably entertained me far more than it should have.
I was like "but look, they're soooo red! I'm making red cupcakes and the batter is totally red!" I blame the food dye..... (the fact that I used an entire bottle of red food dye amused me too. And the bottle wasn't as much as the recipe asked for!)

Red velvet isn't super common here, in fact the only experience that most people I know have had with red velvet cake is the armadillo in Steel Magnolias. (which is all too amusing all over again!)


  1. ha ha, I really am not much of a joiner either. But I am liking the chance to occasionally hang out with some people who speak the language.. you know, they know all the Knitty patterns and refer to the Harlot's latest. Kind of like WE did the other night actually!

    I sent you email - you might have to dig it out of your junk mail.

  2. Oh yeah.

  3. Yummy looking red velvet cupcakes - I've only seen it in Steel Magnolias, too.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - you'd be very welcome at the Harlot Happening. We haven't actually killed anyone on initiation yet... ;)

  4. oh these look yummy!

    what did you use for the suits?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments guys =)
    elizabeth, I used the kind of fondant icing you use in wedding cakes etc, just dyed red or with cocoa =)


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