Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm no superman

Ok, so if I know I'm no superman, how is it that I always set myself such a long list of things I want to do (all on my own!) every weekend?

This weekend I would like to:

- clean out the freezer;

- make mini-quiche and beef samosas (both from the essential fingerfood cookbook, which I picked up during the week) plus some little sausage rolls and some potato and leek soup to put into the cleaned out freezer;

- bake 'Marrakech Moments' cupcakes from my also new cupcake book - Cupcakes Galore;

- watch Scrubs season four (hey, I never said they weren't fun things - just that there's lots of them!);

- while we're on the topic of watching, I'd also like to watch the Saints play the Swans in the AFL and the Eurovision semifinal (both on at the same time Saturday night), and then Grey's Anatomy, Eurovision finals (the one night of the year where the europhile in me embraces my inner tragic nerd!) and Michael Weatherly (from NCIS) on Rove (all at the same time on Sunday night);

- do some research for our holiday (oooh only one month to go!!!!!) mostly to figure out more clearly how the trains work and what we want to do in Paris and the UK;

- start on a pair for either my DNA wrist warmer or my squirrelly mitten (tricky to decide, since I feel I should finish the squirrels first - on account of having started first - but I'm pretty sure the wrist warmer woud be faster

and its getting toward that time of year in Canberra where your wrists can get a bit chilly =s;

- tidying up of my trestle table;

- and as always there are several loads of weekly washing, plus I'd like to do the sheets and jeans.


oooh, and its so hard to get anything done in this beautiful weather look at that sunshine!!!

That's some patons fireside sunning itself in my geraniums there =)
It's so lovely and squooshy, and may eventually find itself knit up into mittens.
But for now it seems quite content to lounge...

aaah,I know just how it feels!! ;)

besos =)


  1. Oooh I know how you feel. Listing is so important both for getting things done and feeling good about it. But don't let the lists suck the life out of the fun stuff! And the lounging...

  2. Holy multi-tasking Batman! Youre a woman after my own heart kuka, I love a good list. At least they're fun things (mostly - I admit I find cleaning out the freezer is very satisfying!). Looking forward to hearing how you go with all that!

    And the ESC has to be the best way to end the weekend!

  3. Mmm, Paris. You've probably been told but in Paris you can buy a multi day museum ticket. Saves lining up to buy tickets everywhere. Mmm, Paris.



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