Dayflower mini-KAL update

What a great week-end!!!!

I baked cupcakes (cranberry), watched dvds(Roswell season 2 - first 8 episodes) and went to the movies with Bertie (Knocked Up). (

Actually, after the baking and knitting and choice of movie/tv watching I feel kinda like I've spent the weekend hanging out with Izzie!)

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the film, but I just enjoyed it so much!
It was teen-movie gross in bits and really grown-up and touching in other bits.
And hilarious all the way through!
Definately recommend =)

I also got a bit of knitting done =) (yipa!)

The second Manly Mitt is now fini - it turned out about 2cm bigger, since the first was a bit tight around the thumb, but I have been assured they are equally warm and coomfy.

There has also been considerable progress on the dayflower lace scarf, which I cast on for (with Patons merino totem) on Saturday.

The pattern is a repeat of 16 rows, and though I did have a few false starts while I made sense of the chart (I haven't really laced before) it is now going pretty quickly and I'm up to my 6th repeat.

I'm enjoying knitting it, but am sure I'll be ready for something a little more complex after this (I'm thinking Kiri).

It's not actually blocking - I've just pinned it out for the picture.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too =)


  1. scarf is looking fantastic! It is pretty easy and flowy isn't it? I'm up to my third repeat, or is it fourth? Either way, it's flying off the needles!

  2. The mittens look wonderfully cosy, and that lace scarf is - wow - nearly DONE by the looks of it! Great first lace effort there :)

  3. Your dayflower is looking great - it does go quite quickly, doesnt it? I did 4 reps in front of Midsomers Murders last night - I'm up to my eighth!

  4. Count me in. I'm already working on this. I've had to frog repeatedly, but I think I've got the hang of it now. i'm working on repeat number three and hopefull I'll get it done in one shot. I really think I need to shut the TV and pay attention. I'll update my progress on my blog, check it out. there a button for this I could add to my blog?

  5. I love the scarf. You are doing such an excellent job. It looks great!!


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