Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mmmmm mittcakes

Checkout my new bus knitting bag - cute huh =)

Just the perfect size - small enough to tuck into my handbag, big enough to carry my Shedir hat. Or some kiddy mitts. Those there are my latest pair - the rainbow twist mittens. The yarn is a rainbow acrylic I bought somewhere in the Netherlands when I was living there, and I used the Blue Mittens pattern from the Lincraft baby book, with a twist stitch (knit into theback of every second row) in the place of the usual stocking stitch.

These guys are also knit using the Blue Mittens pattern, and the squirrels taken from the Squirrelly Swedish mittens (ooooh love those squirrelly mitts!)

The Blue Mittens are a really quick knit - between bus knitting and a little finishing in front of the TV I can get a pair done in two days =)
And, as you can see from these two pairs, because they're so simple they're proving to be a great canvas for modifications - I'm enjoying trying out some new stitch patterns and picture knits to make each pair unique =)

besos =)


  1. What an adorable bag with the sweet little cupcakes. Your mittens are too cute also!!

  2. What a cute bag!! I love the mittens: the rainbow ones and the extra cute green squirrelly ones!!!

  3. The bus knitting bag is cute! How did Luke and his bip test go, anyway? Did you ever find out?

  4. Pretty mitts - and a pretty bag to carry them around!

  5. What a cute bag. You make the most amazing finds.

    You are, as always, the Mitten Queen of Canberra.

  6. Scrumptious mittens to go with the cutest bag. :)

  7. Great work with the mittens! Remind me to show you Piecework Magazine (Historical Knitting issue) with poetry mittens - if you haven't seen it.


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