Saturday, February 09, 2008

Taa daa - socks!

When Can Assist originally put out a call for hand-knit socks Taph recommended the Clafoutis Bedsocks for a fast simple sock knit.

Since I was yet to finish a single pair of socks (eeek), fast and simple sounded good - so TAA DAA

Both of these pairs are knit from patons jet (I used just under a ball for each sock) and Taph was right - these were both fast and simple, even for a sock novice like myself =) - and I totally second the recommendation!

The purple pair are knit on 5mm needles, and the grey on 6mm - I also added a bit more length to the ribbing and foot length on the grey compared to the purple, so the sizes are quite different (luckily the pairs match though!)

These guys were great bus knitting - one trip for the ribbing, one for the heel and to start the foot, then rest of the foot and the toe in the next trip =)

They look kinda funny here, with the ribbing all skinny, but they're fine with a foot in them =)

Next up I'm casting on for the Shedir chemo cap, from knitty's special breast cancer awareness mini-issue

The finished ones I've seen are gorgeous - all those cables and the star on top.

I'm looking forward to some cabley-practice =)
(looks like I'm gonna need it hehe)

besos =)


  1. I've so got to try these! Fantastic!

  2. I just happen to have a little jet in stash - so some of these may pop off the needles!

  3. They are fantastic - well done! Would never have thought of using Jet, but they look great and will be so soft and warm. Congrats. :)

  4. Fantastic socks!!! They do look lovely and cosy!!!

  5. I made a pair of these for my son last year - they were so fast he called them Bam! Socks! Yours look brilliant :) Great end use, too.


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