Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, whaddyarno

Look what I found at Borders on the way home tonight!
Its the latest volume of Yarn magazine - the first since it was sold.
Hurrah! =)

The other significant item in the picture (well, besides the broomhead scarf) is the quilt. On the couch. Yep, the evening weather has been upgraded (or should that be downgraded?) to large quilt on the couch.

You know, I do feel bad saying its getting 'cold' here, what with all the talk in the Northern Hemisphere knitbloggy community of people being snowed in and dug out and freezing their Noro off, but seriously.
This time last week we were coming off a run of 10 or so days above 30C.
Now here we are, a week later, and its 2 overnight?

Anyhoo, here I am curled up on the couch, under the quilt with my Yarn (and my yarn), a cup of tea in one hand and Humpty in the other.
Ordinarily, on a Thursday, I would be watching Gordon but tonight The World's Deadliest Surf (or some such? =s) is on. hmmm

Tomorrow we're off to see Harry Connick Jr!!!!! Hurrah =)
Can't wait =)


  1. Life under a quilt. Does it get any better?

    Did you know our Tinkingbell is in this issue?

  2. ps you mention Gordon Ramsey so much that when a comedy sketch taking the piss out of him came on the other night, I thought you at once!

  3. I know! Where was Gordon last night? I missed him.

    We have been discussing him at work. I told the other managers there was a lot to learn from him when it came to team morale, and doing the best you can do. I think they'll be watching next week.

    PS Nice quilt!

  4. Ah bliss! I love the cooler weather too!! I've been haunting our local newsgency for Yarn, but haven't found it yet - maybe this week!

    I hope the concert was utterly fabulous!


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