Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Life is kicking my arse

Sorry for the language, but seriously.

Tonight I can't manage much more than a couple of nice Melbourney pictures =)

That is the Princes bridge, over the Yarra, right in the city, and the view from our favourite pre-footy breakfast place in Melbourne - Riverland (ooh, check out the page - it's gorgeous).

Riverland is right alongside the Yarra, kind of built into the wall under Federation Square (along Federation Wharf).

They make (honestly) the absolute best ever breakfasty egg and bacon rolls!

(Apparently the secret ingredient is cream...and I'm not surprised...)

It turned out to be a fairly good place for celebratory pint (or 4) after a footy game too =)

(ok, that shot's a bit of a cheat - we took this shot when we were there at Easter time last year =) - it looks the same though =))

My friend Matt tells me they shot some of the new Aussie drama Canal Road along here. (Apparently they run along the river there, but Matt says so far there he hasn't seen any of the main characters stop for breakfast..)

The shot below is of the rowing shed across the river - we did see a couple of rowing teams training while we breakfasted.

And can you tell that it was just the most beautiful weather on Saturday??

Anyhoo, if I can get it together tomorrow I might have something more exciting (and perhaps even knitty) ;)

For tonight, I'll be here with Gordon (and Dewberry. Seriously, what is a dewberry?? ETA ok, thanks wiki), a bottle of semillon and the second pink smockie...

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  1. Sigh. I love Melbourne.

    Hope life is doing less arse kicking today.


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