Sunday, May 25, 2008

taa daa: yellow smockies

Finally - the finished yellow smockies!!!

I liked the purple accents ok, but don't think they popped like the pink on green - perhaps yellow on purple might have been better?

It was a while ago now, so I can't exactly remember, but I don't think I did anything really really different from the pattern - with the exception of avoiding the afterthought thumb, and perhaps doing a 2x3 rib or something.

The other thing I did a little bit differently was the actual smocking.

On the first pair I found that I hadn't quite measured where my smocks should go in the same way on the right compared to left mitt.

This time I set up for the smocking by running a contrast coloured yarn through the stitches where the smocks would be, as you can see in the photo there, to make sure everything lined up =)

The latest smockies - pink - are also done, well, as far as knitting goes.
I'm trying to get my knitting stuff packed so that I only have out stuff that needs to be smockies, demon mittens, LVish mittens, and a little alteration job on J-Mo's lions mitts.

Hopefully keeping the other stuff out of arm's (and eye's!) reach will help me get a wriggle on!



  1. they're lovely Kuka. Such a clever girl!

  2. Love the purple accents - subtle and very pretty.

  3. The mittens are really lovely & I love the smocking. Thanks for the link to the pattern.


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