Thursday, September 11, 2008

No, my computer isn't broken...

...but thanks for asking (you know who you are!)

Actually, it took me nearly a week to recover from Buddy's Big Night Out, and then on Friday night, just as the excitement was subsiding, my guys towelled up the Doggies to romp into the preliminary final! (And Buddy kicked EIGHT!)
Luckily we have the week off (although, registering for my ticket to the granny this morning was just a bit exciting too - now, fingers crossed we make it!)
And, besides, I have to admit, I've enjoyed having his photo up there ;o)

Work has been a bit nutty - a day trip to Sydney last week (sooo early in the morning!) and preparation of meeting agenda papers all this week - all that writing and proof reading is exhausting and really puts me off going anywhere near my computer when I get home...

Last weekend the weather was so nice that I spent most of the weekend outside in my garden =)

We went out to Bunnings for some seedlings (and a sausage!!) - strawberries, rosemary, and pansies.
I have to admit I was very tempted by some of their little-ish trees - I'd love to get a dwarf lemon and an olive for in pots around the back yard and they had a lovely little patio apple tree too =)

The seeds Bells and I planted last week are going great guns - at least the some are. We have baby basil (green and purple!), oregano and lettuce already!

Also on the weekend the Boy and I went to see the Kransky sisters in concert - they were excellent - and just a bit creepy! (Click for some you-tube videos - those girls are hilarious!)
Naturally we couldn't resist getting our very own (autographed!) Kransky Sisters tea-towel.

I've been working on a new knitty project - a sampler blanket for a friend.
It's perfect - I can knit squares on the bus, and I get to put my stitch dictionaries to use =)

Oh, and, on the topic of knitting, we had an excellent SnB at Tilley's on Monday night - I think it's a great venue, and the cakes are delish!

Although the week has been a blur, I'm so looking forward to the weekend (it just can't come fast enough!)

And, oooh, bring on the lovely Canberra spring weather - the forecast is for 21C tomorrow, and 23 (!!) on Saturday! - our first days above 20C, if I'm not mistaken!


  1. It's super-nice to see you back online again.

    I hope you're baracking for St Kilda this weekend! I know what we'll be doing on Saturday night.

  2. You had a busy week! The weather is also warming up here in Perth although the mornings are still cold. I love spring but not looking forward to summer.

  3. Hmm...I might go get me a Bunnings sausage this weekend. You can't beat it, really, for a weekend snack.

    Your hyacinth looks gorgeous!


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