Sunday, November 02, 2008

cucumber sandwich anyone?

You've probably noticed that I'll jump at any excuse to get my bake on (mmm getting bacon is also good), so I'm sure you won't be at all surprised to hear that since Bells was coming over for a pot-up today, and the new furniture needed christening, we decided to rope in some hangers-on and make a right royal high tea of it =)

Naturally there were cupcakes a la moi - my usual favourite cranberry and vanilla with fresh buttercream icing and sparkley freckle jewels on top - and we couldn't have afternoon tea without a scone or two (made with a very clever recipe which I'm sure was blogged somewhere, but i can't find right now)!

On the savoury side of things we had delicious sandwiches (a choice of egg or cucumber, of course!), yummy pea frittatas, and to die for (seriously!) corn fritters with smoked salmon on top.

Being that this week's 'this is...' theme is 'this is... a favourite recipe I'd like to share', you might just see a couple of these recipes popping up around the place =)



  1. I think afternoon tea is my new favourite meal of the day!

  2. yes i think im drooling over the corn fritters as well. i am going to make them for this weekend :) and im with bells on the absolute delight of afternoon tea.

  3. Yummy - I will love to be there! You are such a great hostess!


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