Monday, December 22, 2008

Sew Christmassy

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm loving myself sick over these two lovelies I sewed for a friend's little one on her first Christmas!

Every little girl (and we not so little ones too!) needs a pretty Christmas dress to wear on the big day!
I used the same pattern as on the pink caterpillar dress, with red homespun, and a white with red polka dot cotton for the facing.
Super cute!!!
And, since the little one is destined to be a Swans fan, hopefully this will take her through the festive season and into the footy season ;o)

And a Christmassy stocking, ready for hanging (yes, that's right, by the chimney with care), and filling by the big guy in the red suit - assuming she stays on the nice list!! ;o)
I love these stockings - my sisters and I, and all our cousins, have each had one since we were teeny tinys ourselves!
Each year my mum makes a couple for close friends with babies, and this was my first try and making one myself.
After a couple of phone chats with mum I think this one turned out just perfect =)



  1. Sew very very cute! I hope you post a photo of little E in the dress.

    The stocking is awesome. I think you are brilliant carrying on the famioly tradition.

    Our stockings are still nude. Will have to work on that tonight, should they ever let us leave the building!

    Hope you're having a fab day off, and Merry Christmas to you and Sam!

  2. What Michelle said--very very cute, and how excellent making the stocking pattern your mum made for you.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Adorable. Just unspeakably adorable.

  4. The dress is gorgeous & the stocking too! Merry Christmas.


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