Saturday, December 06, 2008


The baking continues chez Kuka.

Thursday night I baked a couple of batches of peppernoten (which you might remember from last year - click for my recipe!) to celebrate the dutch/flemmish tradition of Sinterklaas - the festival of Saint Nicholas celebrated on the 5th/6th of December.

Today it's really too warm to want to have the oven going for too long, but I'm baking pink cupcakes for a mini hen's night were having for a friend (mini as in there'll only be four of us there) so I couldn't resist popping some shortbread in the oven too.
This year I still feel like it's too early for trees and angels, so I went with hearts instead.

We were planning on going out to get a tree this weekend, but the Boy is stuck at home working on a job application (he actually has a new job which he hasn't even started yet, but it's just a 6 month contract and so his boss-to-be has asked him to apply for a permanent job currently being advertised in that area) so we'll wait til next weekend.

Probably a good idea it gives me an extra week to work on tidying the lounge room to allow for the furniture re-arranging we'll do to make space by the window for the tree =)


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