Tuesday, January 06, 2009

hamming it up

Let's face it, for most of us all our true love is going to bring on any of the twelve days of Christmas is another ham sandwich - we're eating the left over Christmas ham well into January.

Last night was the twelfth night (today being the Epiphany), so here are 12 ways we've been using, or are still planning to try, to get that leg out of the fridge:

1) Hawaiian pizza

2) macaroni cheese with ham

3) ham and salad rolls

4) ham, fetta and tomato quiche

5) fried rice

6) ham and vegetable rice paper rolls

7) ham and pineapple scrolls

8) ham and corn frittata

9) ham and pea fritters

10)ham choy bow

11) ham and pineapple calzone

12)ham sushi

we've tried the first five (some more that once!)

there are hundreds more ham recipes on taste.com.au and the BBC food website

Or, if you still have any other Christmassy leftovers, check out the recipes here, here and here.

if all else fails, click here for some tips on freezing your ham

I'll have something else foody to share tomorrow - but hamming that up might be too much ham.
Or it could be a great new taste sensation! ;o)



  1. Honey, you're a real ham!

    Oh! Oh! Sorry - couldn't help myself!

  2. Just as long as you dont make a (wait for it....) pig of yourselves!!!

    Oh, I feel your pain - we are still working through the ham too. Gave up on the reamining turkey on Monday.

    We've tried several of these (or similar variations), but Im going to check out the rest! Thanks!


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