Thursday, January 08, 2009

I scream!

Well whaddaya know - another foody post chez Kuka ;o)

It's the ice cream!!!! And believe me - it is DELISH! it honestly turned out even better than I had expected!!

This recipe was fabulous - I used the one Suzy left in my blog comments a few days ago:

300ml milk

250ml of cream

1/2 cup of castor sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

You just mix it all together in a jug, then pour it in!!

that's it!!!

Actually, I switched the volumes of milk and cream, on account of the cream came in a 300ml container, and used light thickened cream, on account of that's what the Boy brought home from the shops yesterday.
I was a bit worried that the lower fat content would mess the creamy-ness, but the texture is just perfect!
Oh, and I added crushed up Magical Elves! They're full of popping candy - it's like a hail storm in your mouth! very cool!

I guess the mixture was churned for about a half hour - I wasn't really sure how firm it would be able to get whilst still allowing the paddle to keep mixing it so perhaps it could have been a bit longer. It was just firmer than soft serve ice cream when I stopped.

The recipe made enough for us each to have a serve last night, then to fill right to the top of one of these plastic containers - about 600 or 700ml I s'pose.

Having been on the kind of soft side last night I was a little worried it would freeze kind of funny - you know, like when your ice cream defrosts and re-freezes?
But, seriously, did I mention how perfect this ice cream is?

We had some tonight with sprinkles - YUMMMMMO!

mmmm where to next on my ice creamy adventure?



  1. Get outta town! That icecream looks amazing!

    I reckon you should try raspberries next. Mmmm.

  2. Love the sprinkles! Just wait till you make a posh vanilla ice-cream with beans! You know like you get from Monsieur Whippy in France...but sometimes I think they just sprinkle black dots into it. Great job dude!

  3. That ice cream looks fabulous, and I'm very keen on the idea of crushed magical elves and icecream. Silly me thought they were just plain old chocolate figures when I saw them at the supermarket before Xmas.

  4. Oh yummy! Reminds me I should dig my ice cream maker out of the depths for some summer action!

    Yeah, I vote for raspberries next too.

  5. That looks delicious. You did a good job! :) Do you use a special machine for it?

    You should try... chocolate next. REAL chocolate. :D Bananas? Can you put bananas in ice cream? Or maybe.. marshmallows. Mmm...


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