Friday, January 30, 2009

sew hot

If you live in our wide brown land, or read any other Aussie blogs you probably get the picture - it is freakin hot.

And its staying that way for the next little while, at least.
The bom says:

Saturday: Fine, mostly sunny. Max 38
Sunday: Fine, mostly sunny. Max 36
Monday: Poss afternoon/o'night shower. Max 34
Tuesday: Afternoon shower. Max 32
Wednesday: Possible afternoon shower. Max 36
Thursday: Fine. Max 37

As icky as it is, I keep reminding myself that we don't really have it nearly as bad as our friends in Victoria and South Australia, who are heading into their 3rd day of over 40, with little relief in sight... ugh

This weather has a number of consequences - besides the obvious feeling hot sticky sweaty and cranky from not sleeping, it is too hot for knitting (!!), to hot to use the laptop and keeping the curtains closed (trying to keep the sun & heat out) means no natural light for photos - all bad news for blogging!!!

It has been much to hot to finish up whipping my crafty space into shape, but I have been working on a sewing UFO, which was uncovered during what tidying did get done on the weekend.

This green cottony dress is cut from the same pattern as the Pony Dress - I found all the bits already cut out and just waiting for bias binding and sewing together.
I have been hand sewing the binding in front of the tele, and should be ready to sew this baby together tonight/this afternoon! huzzah!

How are you crafting through the crazy weather, be it sizzling heat or extreme cold, that we're all experiencing at the moment?



  1. Oh it is too hot to live here, we had 39*C and to get the full effect of mainland heat you have to add on about 10*!!! Can't knit, or read or do anything crafty at all. Lucky you being able to do some!! Here's hoping it's cool soon!!

  2. I have been knitting a wrap, still small enough not to be too hot. While I have been knitting, I have been wondering why in the world I bought a new car and not air conditioning for my house. Too late now, wouldn't get my old car back.

  3. I went to Sydney for the weekend just so I could crochet two rows of my cardigan.

    This heat is nuts. I'm seriously considering moving into a hotel for the next week!

    (Magic word is 'denut'. Telling me something perhaps?)


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