Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've got my scarf, I've got my old coat

It's that special time of year again - the first footy game of season 09 bounced off tonight.

The game was super-over-hyped, and in that sense the way it played out was a bit of a disappointment (particularly for Tiger fans - or Ben Cousins fans - I'd say)

But chez Kuka we're just glad to have our favourite boys back on the telly.
And this year we're armed with a (not-so secret) weapon to help us get the maximum footy enjoyment out of the next 6 or so months =)



  1. Mr QM almost joined you on the couch. Luckily for you I had the car ...

  2. And so ir begins.... I am glad there is football for those who love it, but it just means a lot of avoiding for me!!! Mind you, since we were lied to and then spurned by the new FTA digital 24 hour sport channel there will be slightly less sport on the island.

  3. AFL is a bit like knitting to me - freaky man!

    But I'm glad your code is back...for me I lament the end of the saddest season of cricket for a LONG time...


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