Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Creative Space

This week I've spent some time getting creative in the kitchen.

I posted earlier in the week that I had made lemon curd, with the intent of using it to fill macarons. They use the egg whites, the curd uses the yolks - a match baked in heaven, right?

Well, almost - the curd was a bit too fluid on its own, but it did work pretty well with a bit of icing sugar mixed in.

Tonight I baked some shortcrust pastry cases to try out a curd based lemon tart.
These were pretty delish, but I wasn't completely happy with the pastry - so there's still a little more creativity to happen before they're perfect ;o)


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  1. Dude! I love how you are having your wicked way with lemons!

    Keep experimenting with the curd - I'm enjoying the photos!

  2. Those look amazing. Now I'm hungry. I may have to go bake something.

  3. Wow, those photograph beautifully! Nice, bright, lemon-y space!

  4. mum used to make lemon curd. I used to have it on sandwiches.

  5. Here's hoping they're perfect by Sunday - not hinting or anything!

  6. Mmmm ~ I can taste the lemon tang just by looking at the pic. My sweet tooth is calling.


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