Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Horsing around

Today, being the first Tuesday of November, saw the running of the Melbourne Cup: the race that stops the nation - and an excellent excuse for some horsey themed baking and craftiness!

Like these cookies.
I picked up the cute pony cookie cutter at Style Emporium on the weekend, and decided to make a cinnamony golden syrupy sort of biscuit. Which would have been a good plan except it was a self-raising flour based recipe - so my ponies went a bit puffy and some of the detail was lost, so I also made a batch of a shortbready kind of biscuit too.
These were both pretty delish, but I am still on the hunt for the perfect recipe for a good cookie cutter (and not Christmas) biscuit.


When I showed my very messy creative space last week I said I was planning to have a clean up over the weekend so I would have the space to use it.
Well, it isn't exactly perfectly organised, but it is improved, and is tidy enough that I managed to whip up this little pony skirt

I used some left over cotton I had in the stash, and simply seamed up the back, added some bias tape around the bottom hem, and sewed a casing at the top for elastic. I used freezer paper to stencil the pony (stencil from here), and, once that was dry, popped in the elastic. It was super quick, and really cute, and is big enough to grow a bit with its wearer.

Of course, I don't believe that the kids should have all the fun, so there was some grown-up sewing and stencilling last night too =)



  1. I always enjoy your biscuity celebrations!!!! I have used Nigella's recipe and my mum's Kiss Biscuit recipe has cornflour in it and that always gives a lovely crisp biscuit that holds its shape too.
    LOVE the skirts!!!

  2. Dude! You did it! Love the stencilly fun.

  3. Oh love love. I love the way the horsies mouths are a bit of a different colour - like in real life. So cute. Great skirts as well. That freezer paper thing looks fantastic.


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