Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brown Owls 2010

Hooray! Brown Owls is now officially back for 2010, after we met yesterday to kick off a new crafty year!

We had a BYO theme for this one, and it was really cool and inspiring to see what everyone else was working on - we do have some very clever crafty peeps in our midst!

I took along my latest knitting project:

Yep - I'm back on the baby socks!

These are for a friend overseas who had a baby boy recently.
The yarn is merino bambino - I love that it is available in some bright, strong colours, as well as the 'more traditional', soft colours.

I'm just finishing up the 2nd sock in the red pair, then I'll send off all three pairs, before the little guy has grown too much to fit them!

I might knit up a few extra pair while I'm at it, since I have another friend who was due this past week and it would be nice to be able to get something in the post right away.

Also, it is nice to be knitting something again, and I'm finding these are just the thing - they're portable, and easy to put down and pick up again a bit later, and SMALL, which is perfect, since I don't seem to have the concentration (or inclination) to dedicate more of myself to knitting lately.
That said, I do also have plans for another one of these soon (maybe two if my friend has a girl) =)

Oh, and FYI, here's the sock pattern, in case you're keen to try it out too! =)


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