complete crepe

Any excuse to eat pancakes, in any of their forms, is a good excuse if you ask me, so it's hardly surprising that I like to take advantage of Shrove Tuesday! One year aforementioned housemate and I made a 3 course dinner, with pancakes the centre of each course. I think if we put our heads together now we could stretch that out to 5 courses, at least - maybe even seven. In any case, tonight we stuck with just the one - savoury filled crepes.

Before you ask, yes, traditionally speaking, Shrove Tuesday is held on, well, Tuesday, so we're running a day late with this one. But last night I had a dinner & movie date with a dear friend, so festivities had to wait. Incidentally, the movie was very enjoyable, the shallot pancake with dinner excellent
And, anyway, we're on Canada time, so we were really not late at all ;o)

I'm certainly no expert when it comes to crepes (you could probably check in with Suzy for that!) as is apparent from my wonky little pancake in the pan there, but these were pretty tasty.

For dinner we filled them with a bechamel-type sauce with spinach and cheese mixed through, some ham and a sprinkling of corn kernels.
But I just couldn't resist sneaking one after dinner with my very favourite topping of lemon and sugar. Yum!



  1. yummo...I've been hankerin' for a savoury crepe with prawns and cheesy sauce, oh and a bit of parsley and lemon juice, you've reminded me I must get Mr Hausfrau onto it!

  2. I love crepes! Have never made them though, and I need to change that soon.

    Yummm... Shallot pancakes. The symbolism was there though!

  3. Oh yum! I think that lemon and sugar is about my favourite pancake topping in the world. Perfect.


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