My creative space 2010:3!

It's been up there on the left hand side, mocking me, for almost a month now:
In February I am... learning to use my invisible zipper foot.
I have a pattern picked out, and fabric, but I still haven't quite got the courage up to put scissor to fabric, let alone foot to zip.
So, this week, I've moved it down into my creative space.

That beige racing car front, and blue lumpy plastic robot legs? That is my new invisible zipper foot, and I am determined to try it out for real this weekend.
Really try.
As in, more just googling you-tube clips on how to insert an invisible zip, saying ooooh that's how you do it! that really does look easy! and then walking away.

The pattern is this one from Burda.

ooh, and the plan is to knock off that last sock before the weekend too.

As always, you'll find heaps of creative peeps sharing their creative spaces over at kootoyoo!



  1. oh, brave girl. Best wishes with working that zipper foot. Tks for popping by my blog:)

  2. Good luck with the invisible zipper! Those feet look very tricky indeed, I don't think my Janome has anything like that ...

  3. Hey - off topic comment - I watched the Colbert Report or whatever its called the other day because you'd recommended it on an earlier post. That was soooooo funny. Thanks for the tip. I could do that again.

  4. My Brother machine is about 30 years old and would have a seizure if such a foot was attached to it. It would be like a Terminator Machine! Good luck and thanks for popping by. xxNick


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