sew much?

As usual, there is a lot of crafty action going on here, but without anything much getting finished =s

The purple dress that has popped up a couple of times over the past few weeks is almost finished (did I say that last time?), but the very last bit of finishing is on hold while I think over a wee problem.

Relative to my bust (and, well, the rest of me) my under-bust measurement is quite small. Even having sewn a smaller size, and making adjustments for a full bust, the midriff band is just a bit too big.

Being empire-ish, the extra ease makes it look all a bit maternity, but I'm not quite sure yet how to fix it up.

So it has been set aside in favour something else I cut out at the same time - a simple, cute trapezoidy dress with pockets on the front.

Ok, so the picture has come out sideways, and with super weird colours, but you get the idea, yeah? Oh, and there's a much better pic of the fabric here

Again, I'm a bit unsure about the shape (or lack thereof), but I figured I'd give it try, and put in a casing for some elastic either under the bust or at the waist for some shaping if I need.

And of course, despite the lack of finishing of current projects, there's also lots of planning going on.

I picked up this pattern last week, and am planning on sewing up view C or D in this cute red and white fabric (also on sale!) next =)

We're also planning on getting a bit Canadian tomorrow, for the opening ceremony - see you then!



  1. Try making the bodice band narrower from the bottom, and then make the skirt less full by taking in some of the width. That may help! Otherwise I think it looks lovely! The full frocks are all the go this summer.

    Love your new pattern! Looks pretty!

  2. Agree with Michelle - you could completely remove the gathers,a nd make the skirt A shaped

  3. I have no idea how to help you with your dress dilemma, but I *did* want to let you know that I happened across a Singer sewing machine sale and got one!!! I'm super excited and its blogs like yours that make it seem do-able to sew my own clothes.

    P.S. the pattern for the top is super cute!

  4. The dress looks great, I love the colour! Not sure what to suggest for your problem but it looks like others have some good ideas. I like the other pattern to it would look great in that red floral! By the way loving all the recipes...


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