warm chicken salad

I guess it's no secret around here that I really don't mind cooking.
But sometimes having to decide what to cook for dinner is just enough to make me feel like it's all too much work!

So generally I'm more than happy to go alone with suggestions for dinner - especially when the suggestion is for something other than pizza, mexican or steak.

Like this warm chicken salad from the first CSIRO total wellbeing cookbook
- a suggestion which was made all the nicer by having an assistant in the kitchen to help out with the prep-work too ;o)

This was delicious and fresh - and quick too (you know I love that in an after work dinner) - just a light olive oil & balsamic dressing on the rocket and basil, with sliced avocado (oooh there were some good ones at the shops this week!) and cherry tomatoes.

We strayed a teeny bit from the recipe - using a bought mustard, honey and herb marinade - which was sooo tasty!

Also, we quickly fried off the Spanish onions - they were just a little bit too 'bitey' raw.


The recipe serves 4 for dinner - and woulld be the perfect thing in a lunch box too =)


this month I'm cooking from the CSIRO total wellbeing diet books 1&2


  1. re the red onions, I learned a great trick last week - slice them really really think and soak them in cold water for 15 minutes. It takes the edge off the rawness and made them sweet and soft!


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