Monday, May 10, 2010

Braised Lamb Shanks

Mmmm we've been dreaming of lamb shanks ever since we decided to get a slow cooker, so how could we christen our new friend with anything else?

The recipe had a tomato-y base, and calls for a few teaspoons each of chutney and quince jelly. I used peach chutney homemade by me, and loquat jelly homemade by mum - it was nice to use our home made stuff! =)

Our four (enormous) shanks (about 1.75kg in all) gave us enough for a huge dinner last night (a shank each), then we pulled the meat off the other two and had enough for both of us for dinner tonight, two lunches for tomorrow, and heaps enough for him to have for dinner tomorrow night too (I have other plans. Sausage roll, egg and bacon pie, cheese and cake type plans =))

In the recipe the shanks are served on lemon couscous - we actually had soft polenta with ours last night, then made up the couscous tonight so we would have leftovers to go in our lunch. Delish!

I'd love any recommendations about what cooks up amazingly in the slow cooker - so do let me know your favourite recipe, and best slow cooker tips!


this month I'm cooking from Slow Cooker by Sally Wise


  1. Oh that looks delicious, and you have such wonderful home made delights at your house. We can listen to Sally on the radio regularly on Saturdays at 10. She's great.
    If you can find some nice horrid-chemical free corned beef, it cooks up a treat in a slow cooker.

  2. Do I need to make you some more quince paste? Your lamb dish looks shank-erific!

    I'll bring some frozen lamb shanks over for you. We won't be cooking them here (I'm not a huge fan) and they were given to me by a lovely farmer in Braidwood so I know they were happy lambs ;-)

  3. Oh yum! Will have to check out that cook book. I love our slow cooker but need a bigger range of recipes.


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