Saturday, May 29, 2010

coomfy cosy

We're having an extremely hyggelig autumny weekendy evening chez us tonight...

** Another slow cooker dinner **

After the success we've had with the Sally Wise's chicken dishes I was inspired to invent my own dish to satisfy our love for mexicany foods.
I threw about 600g of sliced chicken, a tin each of kidney beans and crushed tomatoes, 3 or 4 tablespoons of tomato paste, a few teaspoons each of ground cumin and dried oregano, about a cup of frozen corn and peas, a carrot and a cup or so of chicken stock, into the slow cooker, and cooked for 4 hours on high - I'm calling it 'mexi-slo-co' ;o) It was delicious in fajita's last night, and would be excellent in enchiladas too, I reckon.

** Sleeping kitties **


** And yarny goodness **
I'm through one repeat of the body chart of 198 yds, and the blue crochet there is my first shot at ripply crochet - I followed this ace tutorial from Attic 24

Hope you're keeping cosy too! =)


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