Sunday, May 16, 2010

Satay Chicken

Whilst I was out enjoying the Old Bus Depot Markets 'Celebration of Wool' day today, the guy was in charge of testing out the next on our list of Sally Wise Slow Cooker recipes - satay chicken.

The chicken recipes all require much less cooking time than the red meats - 3 hours on high with some peanut butter, coconut milk and a few other bits and pieces, and our chicken was transformed into a delicious (albeit not especially photogenic) dinner!

I threw in a couple of vegies (which I steamed separately first) with about a half hour to go, and served on steamed rice - and it was excellent, absolutely the most tender chicken I have ever eaten! =)

More about the OBDM later, but I did buy some gorgeous yarn from Fibrewebs, and a gorgeous new Buttontree Lane box (Michelle showed it in progress here - see if you can guess ;o))


this month I'm cooking from Slow Cooker by Sally Wise


  1. That looks incredible, even though I'm not a huge chickeny fan! I can smell the coconut milk from here.

  2. P.S. Thanks for all your help this afternoon!!!!! I hope you enjoy your kitty box and your special yarn!


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