Tuesday, June 22, 2010

knitting update!

I was extremely unorganised for Saturday's Brown Owls yarnie gras, and didn't quite manage anything more sensible than grabbing all my current yarny projects on the way out the door (with all that late night/early morning football, something has to give!)

On the upside, this allowed for a snapshot of where my knitting projects are up to at the moment =)

Up there in the top left hand corner - my 198 yards of sunshine has been CAST OFF! and is just waiting for a nice soak and blocking! I'm pretty happy with it, but really hoping for some serious growth with blocking!

The sea-green there (patons big baby 8ply) is the start of a (4th) boheme - I love this pattern! I have some ideas for changing it up a little more - trying some other lace patterns and playing with the picot bind-off. Unfortunately this one won't be going further - somehow I ended up with 5mm needles which were much too big, so I think I'll rip this guy out and start over with smaller needles (ooh, but casting on 78 stitches! eeek)

Underneath that is a finished mitten - the second one is on the needles there in the middle. I'm enjoying the pattern - it is nice and simple, and I found the fit on the first one pretty good.

And just sneaking into the bottom left there in the baby blue - a(nother!) pair of baby socks! I'm knitting up a couple of pairs in 'boy colours' for a friend =)

I think up next will be another shawl - it was pretty fascinating to see how this one grew as it came off the needles!


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  1. What a delightful selection!! I have been eyeing off the 198 Yards, or as I like to call it, 181 Metres!!! That dress is so cute too!!


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