Sunday, July 25, 2010

new boots!

I ordered myself some new boots from Duo in the UK on Sunday, and was excited to have them arrive already on Friday!

These are the Malmo boot, which also comes in brown. The leather feels so soft, and have a nice plushy kind of lining, which feels nice and is pretty!

I have posted before about the trouble I have finding a boot to fit my (ahem) shapely calves - Duo's boots come in heaps of calf sizes (depending on the style, the calf widths go in one or two centimetre increments from 30cm to 50cm) and lots of different styles. Initially I was a bit put off by the cost, but at the current exchange rate it is similar to what I paid for the pair I bought a pair from Boots for Broads last year (I posted about them here - same skirt and all!).

The plan is to wear these guys in through the rest of our wintery season, and pending an appropriate coomfiness rating (and so far, so good - the sole feels quite springy to walk on), take them to wear on holidays in Europe and the UK in January =)

Now, for some new skirts to go with them! =)



  1. They are so nice: I wish they had green ones!! I, too, have what the kind saleswoman described as 'athletic' calves!! Great skirt.


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