Thursday, August 05, 2010

creative space :: August 5

Yesterday I shared two skirts currently waiting on my sewing table to be finished off - off course there is more ;o)

Like this one, squarely in the middle of my creative space this week

This Project Runway pattern has all kinds of mix-and-match options for the bodice, sleeves, collar and skirt, and provides a little template in the instructions to trace off a 'sketch' of your 'design'.

I am most of the way through the bodice on this, and with the skirt being fairly straight forward I hoping it won't take long to finish either.

Of course, the sewing does tend to be somewhat slowed down by the fact that most of the time my sewing space looks more like this:

Thanks for your help Max!

Max can't wait to check out more creative spaces - join him at Kootoyoo to see what everyone is up to this week!


  1. I hope Max moves for long enough for you to get finished!

  2. I ahve a pattern with a croquis too, but I have never traced and made an outfit like you have, it's very stylish.
    I wonder how people ever sewed or knitted or embroidered without the help of dogs and cats??

  3. Hah, ha. I have lots of help from my kitten tripataka in the sewing room. Sometimes he is do helpful I have to lock him out of the room I am in!! Skirt pattern you ate working from looks gorgeous, Xkate


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