Wednesday, August 04, 2010

a skirty issue

Between new boots, new tights and a whole load of inspiration from skirt week at Buttontree Lane last month, it is no wonder I've got skirt sewing on the brain!

This month I'm planning to get a couple of skirty projects ticked off my sewing list...

Starting with those two works in progress up there on my sewing table.
The black one is a very simple gore skirt and only needs hemming on the bottom and binding on the top.
The grey is a new pattern I picked up a few weeks ago, and is just waiting for the facing, zip and (again) hemming, then it will be all done too!

Once I have those two finished up, some other things I might be interested in trying to have a go at are a wrap skirt (something like this) and also something denimy.

At last check, we're expecting some fairly unfriendly weather on the weekend - perfecting for knocking over some sewing, I think =)


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  1. Oh, I'm sewing skirts this month, well at least on. Your skirts look great!! Skirts are nice and fast!!


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