Monday, March 28, 2011

green daisy circle skirt

Taa daa! A newly finished me-made on the last weekend day of me-made-march - the green daisy circle skirt.

This is the same pattern I used for the other two circle skirts I have made - simplicity 4236.

I had originally intended to wear this skirt to work on St Patrick's day, but decided it was a bit too casual/floral - I wish now I had gone with it, because I actually think it's pretty cute.

I bought the fabric at the same time as the pattern thinking it was a lovely soft cotton, but when I got it out to cut I found it is actually quite synthetic - by the time I have finished sewing it I was pretty sure it would be a loser, but it is really surprising nice to wear.

I do still have one more skirt all cut out that I'm hoping to get sewn up in time to sneak in before the end of March - that gives me four days, let's see how I go!



  1. It's so pretty! I think it's a great skirt.

  2. Yay...wish you had worn it on St Paddy's day - that way you could have worn it to the pub with me. Nice job.


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